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Hunting Dogs Club of Armenia

 Motivation for creating the site was the lack of systematic information on the online life of hunting dogs in Armenia . Primary objectives of the site will be mentioned below  areas:

        • increase public awareness about the role and use of hunting dogs,
        • provide detailed information about the breeds of hunting dogs common in Armenia 
        • to promote access to information about their obtaining 
        • publish data on the organizations and individuals involved in the institution of purebred hunting dogs in Armenia and abroad 
  • help breeders arrange matings planned work
  • support the process of implementation of puppies especially on working areas of activity
  • follow the progress of puppies, in order to determine the correctness of held matings, and increase the efficiency of future matings planning
  • publish news about organized broods and field trials, as well as on their results
  • provide information on the organizations and individuals involved in training of hunting dogs in Armenia
  • support owners in the process of preparing their pets to hunting season

Please keep in touch via email. Correspondence to the following address.