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Ares diFiona Ki-hemolc'h de Mc'Hovhan

HDCSB-07.1.095.EB.FR-20.04.2019-18 Epagneul Breton Tatoo: #KHMF02 Chip: #643090000386098 ADLA # Male, Birth Date:20/04/2019 Color: White-Orange

Athena diFiona Ki-hemolc'h de Mc'Hovhan

HDCSB-07.1.095.EB.FR-20.04.2019-17 Epagneul Breton Tatoo: #KHMF01 Chip: #643090000386097 ADLA # Female, Birth Date:20/04/2019 Color: White-Orange

Endi Bretonique Style x R'Fiona

Litter A xxx di Fiona Ki-hemolc'h de Mc'Hovhan

Endi Bretonique Style

HDCSB-07.1.095.EB.FR-27.03.2014-15 Epagneul Breton Chip: #804098100069199 UKU #0204667 FCG #0032 Sire, Birth Date:27/03/2014 Color: White&Orange

Elvare Mze G'Kalypso

HDCSB-07.2-1.001.P.EN-20.09.2015-14 English Pointer Tatoo: #EVM6 RKF #4349708 Dam, Birth Date:20/09/2015 Color: Black&White


HDCSB-07.1.095.EB.FR-08.09.2014-13 Epagneul Breton Tatoo: #ROR386 ROKOOKOS #863-K-14/0043-1-EB RKF #4059200 ADLA #000231 Dam, Birth Date:08/09/2014 Color: White-Orange (Roan)

Gordon Setter

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. : Group 7 Pointing Dogs. FCI-Standard N° 6 / 28.10.2009 / GB

Russian Spaniel

The Breed is not recognized By FCI Group 8 Retrievers, Flushing Dogs, Water Dogs. Section 2 Flushing dogs. With working trial.